Never doubt the oracle

Im pretty sure that the oracle, whatever device or method you choose to use, is always right. Obviously there is down sides to asking questions about your future, like do you really want to know what’s to come? Of course, without a doubt we are all in charge of our own destiny’s and our futures […]

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Psychic energy and spells

Everyone is capable of using magic or casting spells, it is something that’s innately I’m all of us. Sure some people think it’s a more feminine thing because if the way it’s been viewed and portrayed in the media but I think that every living thing on this planet uses magic in some way or […]

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Extremely BASIC meditation

I’ve been meditating for about 3 years now, I decided to start after discovering wicca and when I was going through a pretty bad stage in my life. I wasn’t sleeping much and found myself laying in bed for endless hour’s tossing and turning to no avail. I started looking up basic meditation techniques and […]

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