The difficulty with being ‘different’

If I told you that you were perfect would you believe me?    Probably not.  If a hundred people told you that you were perfect would you believe them?  Maybe.
Why would you worry what another thinks of you?  Whose opinion is worth more than your own?  Does it really matter if people like you?  
As Indigos we have had a life time of not fitting in and being considered weird by the general population.  You have probably tried hard to fit in but all the while felt alone and misunderstood.  
You came here with a different vibration which was meant to be expressed as different to what was already here.  It was meant to shake up the system and you were quite likely rebellious in some part of your life.  
Many indigos are very sensitive and have to work extra hard to ground and clear themselves of ‘stuff’ that isn’t necessarily their own.  Some indigo’s seek to numb themselves in addiction whether it is food, alcohol, drugs, exercise or sex as a way of escaping their own feelings of incompleteness.  We even become spiritual junkies and health junkies looking for a band aid that makes our deflated ego feel better only to find there is no quick fix to be found.
In a society that has attempted to stifle our creativity and condition us as children to conform and to look for outside signs of validity it has been a tough ride. Media and old control networks attempt to mock our new ideas as ‘wacky’, or ‘new age’ and yet you simply are happy to try new things.  Some of them may well be questionable but the validity and judgement of an experience is yours.   
On one hand you may wish you were normal and weren’t curious or aware of new ideas that many have not yet opened into.  But in the past playing down your self has led to feelings of limitation and inauthenticity.  
So you chose to be sovereign and started to toughen up to the fact that others didn’t ‘get’ you.  Occasionally this toughness dropped and you felt alone again and different.  But there is another way………..How about if you stopped judging yourself, perhaps even accepted yourself.  Perfect or imperfect it doesn’t really matter.  You are human and deserve your own love and acceptance.  
There comes a time when we find our own flaws funny and this is a healthy state of mind.  When you can laugh at yourself openly it makes others feel at ease and see themselves with a less judgemental perspective.  
So you are not here to be the same as everyone else, you are here to be you.  Your physical body, your personality, your job, relationships and car etc…are but tiny temporary parts of your story in this lifetime.  You are in fact a great magnificent awakener and you are here to show that it’s ok to be different to try something new and be accepting of your flaws.  Why not own those flaws, wear them with pride and show others that it’s perfectly ok to be themselves too.  This world needs love, compassion, and understanding, it desperately needs to understand the healthy balance of tolerance and intolerance in society and you are here to help that.
It is time to stop looking for the fix and know that you are the fix.
In love and gratitude to the ‘weirdo’s” out there.


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