Did there used to be giant trees in the world?

I watched an interesting video on YouTube not long ago all about how there used to be giant trees on earth. When I say giant, I mean bigger than you can imagine. What is most of the Rock structures we see today are actually remnants of ancient giant trees trunks?

The video explained how some trees used to be much much bigger then we see today, and due to a growing world population most were subsequently cut down. After generations of weathering and changing climates those giant trees stumps that remained had fossilised and turned into stone or even petrified wood. If you look at many of the giant ‘stone’ wonders of the world today and instead of seeing what your told to see, look at them as giant trees stumps and a new history is unlocked.

This is a ‘rock’ formation called the Devils Tower in America. Now you tell me this doesn’t look like a giant tree stump.

Some people believe that as CO2 emissions went up with the world’s population, the giant trees of the earth started to come closer to the ground as a way of getting more oxygen levels. The giant trees that remained slowly started to die off, but before they did some of them released seeds that would create still giant but slightly smaller trees, like the ones we see today.

Some of these trees remain today, very old and protected species protected by law, studied by science and nestled away deep in today’s rainforests. So next time you look at a giant rock you might stop and think “Did that used to be a tree?”


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