The new thing: acne plasters

Long gone are the days of putting benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid on your active spots and scars, the new trend from Asia is Hydrocolloid bandages also known acne plasters.

I recently purchased some after all my acne settled down in an attempt to spared up the healing of scars I have that are like open craters on the side of my face. The product i tried is called ‘dotz’ and I’ve seen them in pound shops and the like. 

The goal of the plaster is to create a warm and moisturisers environment located specifically on your spot or skin. The warm environment speeds up healing by creating a barrier between the spot and the outside world (including you) the active ingredient of hydrocolloid is basically a type of gum that forms a waterproof barrier on skin but not open wounds, leaving space for excess oil/infection/sebum to come to the surface. The plaster then holds the gunk until you change it.

They really are amazing things and can be found for different budget ranges. I got mine of eBay for around £3 for 24 plasters. I ran out the other day and have already purchased more for a better deal of 96 plasters for £5. They stick to your skin so well and the brand is use is basically invisible to anyone else unless your super close up to them. My family didn’t notice them until I told them I had them on..and I even got away with wearing them to work.

I used my first box religiously until they ran out and my family mentioned how much my acne scars had gone down. I placed them onto spots I could feel coming to the surface and by the next morning my plaster had pulled out all the gunk. I suffer with cystic acne on my beard line and placed one onto one of my cysts and was amazed to see the spot had come to the surface the next day. 


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