Swedish health and beauty tips

It’s a new year and we all know that means new health and beauty products and tips will soon be hitting our shelves. If you’ve seen any of my previous blogs then you will know I’m a fiend for beauty treatments. I’ve seen alot on the news and social media recently about swedish parenting tips and I’ve just watched a video all about what people in Sweden to do try and stay young and beautiful. 

I think swedish health and beauty tips are going to be really big this year and we will start adopting their little tips and tricks to stay youthful..so on that point, here are some easy tricks you can do to stay ahead of the game and start including these tips into your everyday life.

  1. They take full advantage of the powers of Tumeric 

Tumeric is known to have numerous health benefits from reliving inflammation and soothing coughs and colds. But it also has a variety of beauty benefits it can boost cell regeneration, improve the skins collagen count and keep away free radicals. It can easily be made into a face mask or even face wash at home. I’ve never tried this but I’ve seen lots of different recipes online. I would just advise caution with using spices on your face as it may also cause irritation.

        2. They take extreme care of their hands and feet.

It is known to get extremely cold in Sweden and in turn the water can be very cold. Sure this is a good thing now and again but everyday cold water can be very drying to your skin, especially delicate areas like hands and feet. For this swedish women take no expenses in finding the best moisturising for their skin type. They will moisturise daily religiously, while everyone should do this anyway whether you have dry or oily skin, swedish people pay close attention to their hands and feet as these areas tend to age very quickly.

         3. They eat Nordic berries

With Sweden being so far north, their summers tend to be 24 hours of sunlight and with all that extra UV the nation’s berry’s take full advantage and produce bumper crops every year. Nordic berries are packed with antioxidants that are found in higher levels then if they are grown anywhere else in the world.

        4. They use alternative oils

Instead of packing their foods with coconut oil they swedish love to cook with oils like avacado and rape seed. We all know the benefits of eating avacado but some swedish women are turning to it for their beauty treatments. Avacado oil cleansing is replacing coconut cleansing fast in this country due to avacados awesome power as a moisturiser and cleansing agent. I’ve used avacado face masks before and they do tend to dry out your skin and bit, but I am definitely going to try the oil version. I love how fresh and soft my face feels after oil cleansing with coconut oil so I can’t wait to try avacado oil.

So let’s all stock up in anticipation of the Sweden health take over….


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