DIY Spot/pimple/acne drying lotion

Well, here we are again. A week after Christmas and I’m still in the midst of a serious breakout…DAMN YOU CHOCOLATE!! I love a good spot treatment though and if I can make it myself and save my skin the harsh chemicals then all the better.

I’ve been reading a lot about ‘Mario badescu drying lotion’ loved by celebs like Kylie Jennee and Miley Cyrus. My mum also says it was all the rage back in her day so it just shows you that trends tend to come back around. You place it on your spot at night and go to sleep with it on and in the morning the spot has drastically shrunk in size but at £17 for about half an ounce I was thinking “I can do that myself.” After a little research I came across this homemade version for a fraction of the price, all you need is the following:

  • Calamine lotion
  • Tea tree oil 
  • Water or distilled water or rubbing alcohol 
  • A container with a sealable lid

All these items are available from your local drug stores or pharmacy for under £5.


  1. Fill your empty container 1/3 of the way up with Calamine lotion.
  2. In a separate bowl mix together 1 part tea tree with 2 parts either water, distilled water of rubbing alcohol until combined.
  3. Using a pippet, suck up the tea tree and water mixture and slowly add to the calamine lotion. Try do this slowly so you don’t mix the calamine with the water to abruptly. 
  4. Seal the container and let it sit overnight so the calamine and tea tree water separate a little more. Then it’s ready to use.

To use the drying lotion: DONT SHAKE IT!!! You want the separation so the cotton bud gets a bit of everything. With a q-tip or cotton bud (whatever you call them) and dip it into the mixture making sure you go right to the bottom of the container. Next apply this to your spots only, not the entire face. Sleep with it on and wash away gently in the morning. Moisturise and repeat nightly until blemishes deminish. Use a fresh q-tip if you have to re-dip so you don’t spread bacteria.

Voila..your own Mario badescu drying lotion for half the price and without the added chemicals.

P.S – A big thanks to everyone who has either liked, commented or reblogged any of my stuff. It means a lot xoxox😊😊🌑🌞


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