The consciousness that water holds

For all our life we are told water is for drinking and bathing in. But what if I told you that water actually holds consciousness and will respond to positive and negative affirmations. This has been studied on numerous occasions by various levels of scientists with all coming to the same conclusion, that water is as conscious as you and me.

The various experiments involved taking water from various places around the globe such as rivers, lakes, bogs, holy wells and springs. The waters were frozen and sliced very thinly then placed under a microscope to examine the molecular structure of the water. There were varying results. The waters from rivers and lakes had normal ice crystal structures and the waters from bogs had ugly harsh shaped crystals. The waters from the holy wells had beautiful structures of ice crystals. 

The next experiment was to see if the waters would respond to positive and negative affirmations. Some of the waters had positive affirmations wrote onto the jars they were kept in, some had negative one. Some were played harmonious music while others were played hard rock. Some of the waters were given a holy prayer everyday and some were shouted at.

At the end all the waters were again frozen and placed under the microscope for analysis. They were astounded by what they saw. The waters that were given positive affirmations or holy prayer everyday had changed their molecular structure to resemble themail structures that were seen in the holy waters from the Wells or springs. The waters which were treated with negative affirmations had changed to the ugly structures the waters from the bog displayed.

This experiment proved that waters molecular structure can be changed with positive energy and affirmations to resemble that of sacred water.

 So next time you are going to make some blessed water or holy water, remember what the power of consciousness can hold.


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