Homemade oil blotting paper for acne/oily skin

Simple, no added ingredients and handmade. What more could you want? I suffer with acne and oily skin, and with all the recent Christmas food and chocolate and sweet treats my face has broke out and my forehead is like an oil rig. I got lots of wrapping tissue with presents this year, gold stuff. Very nice. I didn’t want to throw it away and was looking online for things to do with it when I came across this. Homemade blotting paper. You know the stuff. You dab it on your oily areas and it leaves you looking like you’ve just washed your face, only the stuff you buy at drug stores contains lots of harsh chemicals and added ingredients that just don’t need to be there. So this simple DIY will let you make your own blotting paper with no added harsh chemicals PLUS it’s made from holiday tissue wrapping paper so it looks like you’ve spent a fortune on top end acne fighting equipment.

All you need for this is the following:

  • Wrapping tissue 
  • Scissors 
  • A container you can close to keep future bacteria off the paper
  • Also some sort of anti bacterial wipe or solution to clean the container 

1. Start by measuring the wrapping paper with the size of the container, don’t worry about getting it exact as you can trim the untidy bits at the end.


2. Next take your scissors and cut the tissue paper so it fits roughly in the container.

3. Cut all the wrapping paper to similar sizes then cut around it again to trim away loose ends. Disinfect the container well and dry with a couple of sheets of the paper. Place the paper in the container and seal until you need them.

When you want to use the paper. Simply take a sheet out and dab onto the oily area, never rub as this spreads the acne causing bacteria. This leaves you face looking fresh and clean. Other alternatives to wrapping tissue are actual tissue paper, tracing paper or even toilet seat covers  (clean ones…unused)


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