Familiars and the roles they play

Every witch or person who studies the craft should have a familiar, they guide us in the right direction, lend their psychic energy and appear when you most need them. I have a familiar, he is a black cat who adopted me when we moved to where we live now. I think the previous owners left him, and he was just sat in the back garden behind a fence. I saw him and gave him so food and water, he ate and drank and then returned to his post behind the fence. I done this everyday for the first week we moved in and no soon as I had unpacked all my witchy tools this cat was in the house, ran upstairs and claimed his new post by my very small at the time magic supplies. I called him Jasper and sent out flyers to all the neighbours in case he had a home. Weeks past with no reply so I took my new pet to the vets and had him neutered and microchiped. 

        I took this when he first ran upstairs

Familiars have been around for centuries, during the witch trials they were very prominent and we’re seen as messengers from the devil who would provide witches with their unholy powers and tell them who to bewitch. They were usually cats, dogs, rabbits, horses, snakes, mice or rats and toads or frogs. These animals met the same fate as their owners in the burning flames of eternal torture. Nowadays familiars play a different but also similar role. They teach us right from wrong and point us in certain directions when we are lost or losing faith. 

When I first got my familiar, he would always be there watching me every ritual I performed almost with close attention to detail. Sometimes he would sit in the circle with me for a whole ritual not moving or making a fuss, just basking in the energy of the sacred space. I went through a bit of a black magic phase, never really cast anything, just reading and experimenting with herbs and the such. But the one time I did go to cast a dark spell, Jasper must have sensed something because at the time he was downstairs and he came running up to my closed bedroom door, proceeded to scratch and meow outside the door until I let him in. He came barging in like a disgruntled mother and looked at my altar, looked at me and then sat exactly where I would usually sit to perform any kind of magic. It then dawned on me that Jasper was no normal pet, he was my familiar. He sat there for the next hour or so as if to say “Don’t. .just don’t.”

             Mum and Jasper on Shamhain
 I’ve since learnt better and my trusty familiar is always there sometimes when I need him and other times I don’t and he just wants to join in with my spell works. The role of a familiar can be many things though, they are fully equipped with psychic powers and senses, and I’m coming to the conclusion they are attuned to the changing of the moon as every full moon he dissappears for the entire night only to appear again the next morning. They can be secret keepers and also guards for yourecipes most precious items, Jasper knows exactly where my book of shadows is kept and if I ever bring it out he is always sat next to or near it so no one but me can touch it..I’ve never seen jaspers mean side but my family has and they inform me he has very sharp claws. 


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