Never doubt the oracle

Im pretty sure that the oracle, whatever device or method you choose to use, is always right. Obviously there is down sides to asking questions about your future, like do you really want to know what’s to come? Of course, without a doubt we are all in charge of our own destiny’s and our futures change all the time by the actions we make in life. But certain things on your journey on this life are set in stone. I’m writing this to try and assure you that no matter what reply you get from your choice of Oracle, it will always be right at that moment and if you don’t do anything to try and change that outcome, it will come into fruition.

       Basic past present and future reading

I have a few experiences I can tell you about to try and prove this fact. I use tarot cards as my preferred choice of divination, I do have other options like a pendulum but I prefer the energetic vibe I get off my tarot deck. It’s a basic raider waite set and I’ve loved it since I got it. Not long after buying this deck I was obviously learning all about it, playing with it and asking questions. One of those first questions was ‘What does the future hold for my little sister?’ I pulled three cards and placed them as past, present and future. I don’t remember the first two cards but the third was ‘Children’ or something like that. Anyway I brushed it off thinking my little 19 year old sister would never get pregnant so young. I decided not to tell her because I brushed it off as being a bad reading. Little to my knowledge at the time my little innocent 19 year old sister was pregnant and decided to only tell us after she had an abortion (This is her own choice and in our families opinion the right one) I decided against bringing up the reading as there wasn’t much point now.

The second experience was a reading I done for an old friend of the family. She caught sight of my tarot deck and asked if I knew how to read, I said I do and before I knew it we were sat at home the table about to do a reading. She had never had one before and told me she was very anxious but intrigued..but also very scared about the death card. Silly me I reassured her that it won’t come up anyway so stop worrying. 

                   My amythest pendulum 

I pulled a basic three card reading as I didn’t want to go too in depth. Past, present and future. Simple. What could go wrong? I don’t remember the first two cards again (I should really journal this) but, just as we both feared, the death card came up as the last card. The young woman went into complete shock and so did I. She didn’t understand though. The death card can be a warning of something dangerous coming to you in your life, but it can also mean life from death, the beginning of new things. I told her this and she had a strange look on her face, almost like she understood what was coming. I asked her if it meant anything to her 

“I’m pregnant, but dont lease don’t tell anyone yet.” 

“Of course I won’t tell a soul. But do you see how it can mean many different things. It doesn’t mean the end, it means something new is beginning..your having a baby.”

                 My well loved tarot deck

A few months past and I soon had a message sent to my phone, i was blessed with the first picture of a beautiful little girl. I felt so happy. That little girl is now 3 years old and I see her regularly, and her mother who is pregnant again. She wants another reading soon so I’m informed.

I should start charging…


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