The healing gold of Rose quartz 

I recently acquired a giant rose quartz stone from my local esoteric shop ‘Aquarius.’ I’ve been going to this shop for 4 years now since I moved to Malvern and the owner Val has been nothing but friendly to me from my first visit.

I placed my giant rose quartz in my bedroom where all my witchy things go and no soon as I had placed it upon my altar I felt a soothing cool energy throughout the room.

Rose quartz has been well know over the centuries to be a bringer of loving energies and is also strongly associated with the heart and heart chakra. I’ve always felt the cooling energy from rose quartz and sometimes in deep meditation if I’m working with it i can feel a sense of love radiate from the stone then pushing throughout my whole body and being.

It is thought that rose quartz was created in the times of ancient Greece. Two lover Gods were running through a field when one cut their foot and the blood splashed upon a cluster of clear quartz turning it a pink rose colour.

Rose quartz is a very sensitive stone and should be cleansed thoroughly after each use. It prefers to be cleansed in fresh running spring water and if you do it this way you will come away with a rose quartz beaming with loving energies. I also find that under the tap is just fine. You get a different sort of energy from cleansing it in sun or moonlight. I find that sunlight tends to make a rose quartz a bit frazzled..almost like it’s too intense for the sensitive energy of this stone. Where as bathing a rose quartz in the light of a full moon produces in my opinion the best results after cleansing with running water. You can feel the different vibrational energy coming from the stone after a full moon cleanse, it feels fresh, almost like new and endless love radiates from it.

In my opinion if you are having trouble sleeping rose quartz is a nice stone to place either under you pillow or next to your bed. It’s slow release of loving energies and cooling vibes send me right off to sleep. I tried to sleep with my giant one when I got it but I was too scared in case it feel off my bed through the night. It is also thought that if you sleep with a rose quartz it can help bring love into your life either by energy and vibration or it can help you manifest you true desires in a relationship. With it being the stone most associated with the heart and heart chakra, it is also the best stone for sex and relationships. It can enhance sexual experience if both people use it and can aid in meditations if you are going through a hard time with your partner. Rose quartz will show you the way to end disputes and solve family problems. If placed on the mantle in the home it release loving energy to keep everyone in the house calm and also eliminates negative energies if brought in by anyone.


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