Psychic energy and spells

Everyone is capable of using magic or casting spells, it is something that’s innately I’m all of us. Sure some people think it’s a more feminine thing because if the way it’s been viewed and portrayed in the media but I think that every living thing on this planet uses magic in some way or another. I’m using magic now to write this blog, I’m putting my intention and passion into something and its appearing before my eyes as I type. The energy in this world is to abundant and vibrant to not be seen and it astounds me when I tell people I use magic and they seem bewildered. How can it not be really is my only reply. What brings the change of the seasons? How can we see stars in the sky? How do flowers bloom? Do you have a potted plant in your house? Have you ever waited in anticipation to see the beautiful blooms? This is magic!! Two lovers meeting..magic. A mother giving birth..magic!!
Psychic energies have been around since the beginning of time, in prehistoric times the cave man would divine and tell their story in the pictograms on the cave walls. Now we know what energy there is available on the world, I don’t know why someone wouldn’t want to take advantage of it. Try it tonight. Once your in bed send some love out into the world, send as much as you can. If you know how the law of attraction works or even the law of three, whatever you send and whatever you do will come back to you. If you send out good vibes then good vibes will come back. If you send out love then love will come to you, maybe not physical love but loving energies I’m the form of a balanced life, happy house and home. 

Or abundance, try sending some abundance out. I like to do this by pouring milk and honey and the Earth as an offering. Then place a bank note under a burning green candle and let it burn all the way down. By the time the candle has burnt down you should have built up enough intention that you should have already have manifested some sort of abundance. Remember what abundance actually means, it’s not all about money but having alot of something. 

Those are very basic spells you can cast for yourself even if your a complete beginner. With magic and spellwork it’s all about the intention and energy you put in. The more intention the better the results.


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