Meditating with Kyanite 

I first found out about the amazing properties of Kyanite through a YouTube video. The video explained all about kyanties abilities to open bridges of communication to other world’s, planes and beings. Kyantie has a very high vibrational frequency, and I’ve also read that some people experience headaches when working with this certain stone.

Kyantie has the ability to cleanse and activate all the subtle bodies of the human form. Meaning when we work with Kyanite, it subconsciously cleanses and activates all the chakra centres and realigns the auric field around us. 

This is my most prized piece of Kyanite. It was alot bigger when I first got it and unbeknown to me at the time you must never wash Kyanite because it has a high Sodium content. But I washed this piece anyway and all the sodium washed away leaving me with a nice solid shard of Blue Kyanite, so called for its low sodium percentage. I have many pieces of Kyanite it my collection but none speak to me as loud as this one. Sometimes when I meditate I place it on my third eye chakra and after a while it almost feels like it spins in place.

When meditating with this stone it is important to remember to cleanse it after every use with  either a bowl of salt, sage or any other cleansing smokes. I suppose you could bury it in the earth but I would suggest only on a hot day when the ground it dry. Some people say that as kyantie has such a high vibrational frequency it does not need cleansing regularly alot like citrine or selenite. But I always try to remember that even though these stones do have high frequencies, they still pick up and store negative energies and will thus need cleansing. Sometimes I find placing a stone in sunlight for a few hours enough to cleanse them, but depending on what I’ve been doing with them, they would  be cleansed accordingly.


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