Extremely BASIC meditation

I’ve been meditating for about 3 years now, I decided to start after discovering wicca and when I was going through a pretty bad stage in my life. I wasn’t sleeping much and found myself laying in bed for endless hour’s tossing and turning to no avail. I started looking up basic meditation techniques and grounding meditations, I found alot of information on the Internet but it was all very contradictory. I found each person has their own way in which they can quiet their minds, some people don’t need to. I like to use music, simple tones such as the ‘C sharp tone’ or even using music meditations made especially for insomnia and problems with sleeping. I’ve also found great comfort in ASMR, I get that special tingle when I come across these videos and it instantly relaxes me sometimes to the point of falling asleep with my phone in my hand.

The most basic meditation I think is grounding yourself. This is the process of attuning yourself with the earth’s frequency and vibrations. It allows you to take fresh energy from the earth and push all old energies out. It leaves you feeling refreshed and one with the world. There are many guided meditations on YouTube to help you ground yourself, some are simple and some are very elaborate. I remember reading somewhere when I first started studying magic a very simple technique to ground yourself, I always come back to this method even now as it’s so simple as long as you know the basic of grounding.

When you ground yourself, you should visualise either roots or a piece of silver thread coming from the base of your spine and going down, down, down into the Earth until they reach the earth’s core. Once you connect to the core of the earth you can take up the fresh energy and push out all the old. It is also seen as good manners to send a little love down too. Just the feeling of love is enough.

I used to find it very helpful in the beginning to visualise myself sat with my back against a huge tree and instead of sending my own roots down, I would use the tree as a sort of transporter for the energy and just use the trees roots. This was a huge tree we had in our back garden so I had already got a good bond with it, if you want to do the same I suggest finding a tree you feel a special bond with. If you don’t have a tree like that you can always build that bind over time by just spending time with the tree and seeing if you can sense if the tree is happy with you using it in this way.


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