The beauty benefits of Aloe Vera

A plant that has been regarded as having numerous health and beauty benefits, Aloe Vera was used as long back as 6000 years by the ancient Egyptian queen Cleopatra. They called Aloe Vera the ‘Plant of Immortality’ and called the juice created inside the plants blood, which I have always loved. Doctors and Dermatologist both agree that Aloe Vera has astounding benefits when it comes to healing minor to severe burns. It also helps with minor skin injures such as acne, dry skin disorders and also oily skin conditions.

In ancient times, Aloe would have been made into oils, balms, scents and also used raw. I personally like using Aloe raw and have several potted plants in the house at the moment to protect them from the outside cold. I use Aloes healing touch for my acne on my face when it flares up really bad. I find that using chemically made products on my face very irritating and at the end of the week I soak in a nice warm bath and wash my face in Aloe juice taken fresh from plant situated next to the bath. You simply have to take a nice juicy plump stem and break it away from the main plant. Then using sharp objects such as a nail or knife, cut longways down the leaf to reveal all the skin loving properties inside.

Then simply rub all that good stuff over wherever your problem are is. You may feel a slight tingle as the live enzymes from the plant get to work penetrating your pores and skin. Give it a good massage into your skin then leave it for about 10-15 minutes. You must wash aloe off as it is never a good idea to leave anything on your skin for longer then 30 minutes. Some people say they can wear it overnight..although ive never tried it, if you feel thats for you then go ahead and share your results with me.

Aloe can take the harshest of conditions when it comes to growing it. Very little water but lots of bright light and some morning or evening sun. Some Aloes like to be in full sun, but it tends to brown them and they lose alot of the water inside the leaves. I’ve also found it can be very picky to when and how much water you give it. But all in all Aloe Vera is a most rewarding plant for those who wish to grow it. It healing benefits are boundless and the aincents knew this better then none.


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