Musings around my Winter Solstice altar 

I thought I would share a few pictures with you all so you can get a feel of how I like to work. I think it’s a very basic way in which I work, this is actually quite elaborate for me I usually just have my Buddha on my altars with a few crystals and a plant of some sort.

This winter solstice I decided to get some herbs and offerings going on. So I went out and asked my cypress tree if I could have a lovely fresh sprig. I mixed that with some traditional Holly, Cinnamon and dried citrus.

I also decided to make another altar on the table where I keep my book of shadows. I broke my altars up into 2. 1 for the Sun God and one for the Moon Goddess. I’ve never really done this before although I’ve always worshipedo both.

I love to work with stones and crystals. I’ve recently got really into working with crystal grids.

I also make alot of the stuff on my altar myself. I love the energy you get of something when you’ve put in all that hard work and sometimes magical intention. I get creative with all types of media: paint, clay, fabrics and also stuff I find out in nature. Anyway until next time, blessed be.


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